Once we decided it was the human condition that we wanted to focus our theatre on, we realised our research was going to take us into the academic field and so we chose to embrace, celebrate and publish our findings.


We team up with charities and organisations who's work focus around the theme were exploring and see how we can combine theatre with their outreach and missions. We also look to take our work into the communities that they are working with, or invite them into our world, thus trying to bring non-theatre audiences into theatrical spaces. Where possible we also offer our partnered charities and organisations the stage, free of charge, to create work that will stand alongside the professional theatre so they too can get their message to a new audience. 


We've teamed up with The Forgiveness Project

We're liaising with them to produce scripts and theatre where Forgiveness is accurately represented

We're offering a space for them to invite their patrons to speak on the subject of Forgiveness and share their incredible stories

All proceeds from ticket sales on Forgiveness Project nights will be donated to their charity

We're interviewing Artists to talk about the relationship their work has with forgiveness and publishing these transcripts

We're writing an academic paper to summarise our findings to be released at the culmination of our season