We created Mulligan in the summer of 2017. - we feel theatre is at it's most exciting when it's showing people as the vulnerable mistake makers that we are.


It's not just the productions. For us, theatre making involves having to understand 'why' people are they way they are. That takes research, interviews, and a general curiosity - and we wanted to find a way of sharing this with our audiences too. This means our art takes us into loads of different professions, insights and attitudes. - the real world - and we try our best to celebrate this in our work. The best things is we have the opportunity to try and coax those who don't really know what a joy the theatre can be back through the doors, and at the same time get to meet a lot of brilliant people.  


Don't get us wrong, we're not on any crusades, our first love is the theatre and we want our shows to stand alone and be entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring. You've got to be driven by something and our themes will always relate to the human condition. In season one we looked at forgiveness alongside charity partner The Forgiveness Project (you can see it all on our archive page). Season two is all about awesomeness.

We hope you enjoy it,

Sam & James

Sam Carrack: co-founder

I have been creating, commissioning and directing new writing for most of my career. From 2010 - 2015 alongside Ami Stidolph I was artistic director of AllthePigs Theatre - a collaboration of theatre makers who believed that good writing should last forever. As well as reviving texts that we felt were under-performed we would champion a brand new playwright to write a new piece of theatre. We called this our ‘first time writers initiative’ and in my 5 years with the company 12 writers came through to see their shows professionally staged. 

I became a company director of Epoch Presents in 2015, a ‘semi-immersive’ theatre company working out of The Vaults which celebrated ‘time’. We picked a certain era or movement in history and then commissioned 3 bespoke pieces of theatre to run as part of an evening of collaborative work. As well as directing I was also responsible for all ‘other’ artistic involvement engaging new companies, comedians, cabaret artists, beat poets, DJ’s, musicians as well as some more niche outlets of the weird and wonderful.

Mulligan has been a while in the making and I'm thoroughly looking forward to continuing this journey with Jim.

James Barbour co-founder

I have been an Actor since 2012, graduating from East 15 Acting school, and have been actively involved with many aspects of theatre since that time, from appearing under the spotlight, to operating the spotlight, to managing the person who is operating the spotlight, mainly spotlight based things, if you show has a spotlight, I’m your man...


I have appeared in several critically acclaimed and award nominated productions, principally with Smoke and Oakum theatre. Moreover, In 2015 I had the pleasure to perform on the continent with a two month stint in Vienna, performing at Vienna’s English Theatre, if you’ve never been to Vienna, I thoroughly recommend it, it’s wicked!


Mulligan Theatre represents my first time steering the ship, but it’s something I’m very excited about growing with Sam. I am hugely intrigued by what makes us tick as humans and how we are beginning to become more responsible as a species, fully realising the effect we have on ourselves, each other, and the wider world. Embracing the human condition is something I am passionate about.