Forgiveness exists in all walks of life, we ask for it, offer it and accept it every day. The umbrella term is so huge, it covers a multitude of sins, and it can be a little daunting. We've attempted to break it down and see how it effects the artist and their work.

Forgiveness in Art. Does it Exist? Can it Exist? Do we forgive the Character or the Performer? Can we forgive portrayals of non-fictional people? Is it easier to forgive fiction? Should we have to ask for forgiveness to make art? Do performers forgive themselves? Can a theatre maker forgive their characters for their sins? Should they? How do we deal with forgiveness responsibly? If it's not real does it even matter? Should the performer ever ask the audience for their forgiveness?

THE interviews

We caught up with some rather amazing theatre makers, artists and journalists to see the role forgiveness plays in their work.







Nneka Atuona

THE article

As we explore more throughout the season we'll start to get an idea of what we want to say, so for now watch this space. Soon there'll be an article written by Mulligan exploring the role of Forgiveness in Art, but for now here's some interviews with Mulligan's co-founders about forgiveness instead, what it is, and why it's kicking off their first season.