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Part of The Mulligan Collection: Forgiveness

Ian Newman is on death row, he did it, he is guilty. 12 years after the crime he is still sure he did the right thing.  What do you think?

Ian Newman committed 26 counts of homicide, murder one. He was tried, convicted and sentenced. Today is the day of his execution, but before he dies, he speaks one last time to the person he did it for, does he still have their forgiveness? Using live camera feeds, vision mixing and live performance we will look at the last meeting between a murderer and his muse, the notion of empathy and whether anything is truly unforgiveable.

If you follow in the footsteps of someone else would you make the same decisions?

And if you do, can you understand? Of course it’s not that simple, we can’t ask you to condone or excuse murder, but we are, all of us, capable of terrible deeds.

And if you can understand, can you forgive?

Co-written by Mulligan Theatre founders Sam Carrack and James Barbour, ‘Ian Done A Bad Thing’ is part of THE MULLIGAN COLLECTION, as series of theatre and academia exploring Forgiveness and its role within society and art. It will stand alongside ‘Talk About The Passion’ by Graham Farrow and ‘Stories Told Live’ by award winning charity The Forgiveness Project.

Ian Newman is on death row, today is his execution

February 28th -     18:00

March 1st -              18:00

March 2nd -            18:00

March 3rd -             No Show

March 4th -             15:00