Part of The Mulligan Collection: Forgiveness

Talk About The Passion by Graham Farrow, is the story of a grieving father who is hell-bent on revenge of both the paedophile who killed his child, but more immediately the publisher who published the criminal’s memoirs


When the autobiography ‘Talk About The Passion’ was published, Carroway’s life was ruined as his son’s killer became a celebrity and he became the fall guy – the father who couldn’t protect his son. Destroyed by the Press, his peers and his family he is left at rock bottom so when he goes to the publisher’s office to take her life we can understand his rage – but can we forgive it?

You can’t change the past, but you can shape the future. So what sort of future do you want it to be? If you had the chance for silent revenge, would you take it? And the perennial question do two wrongs make it right?

Be ready to answer – as you will be asked

First performed in 1998, Graham has kindly offered his published piece for a fresh showing bespoke for Mulligan Theatre and VAULT Festival

Carroway is here for one thing; To Honour his Son.

February 28th -     19:25

March 1st -              19:25

March 2nd -            19:25

March 3rd -             No Show

March 4th -             19:25